Magic: Legends explains how its ramping difficulty mechanics work

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Do you want to make life harder for yourself in Magic: Legends? There are good reasons to do so, as outlined in the game’s latest article explaining how the game’s difficulty and modifier systems will work. The difficulty system is the easiest to understand, ranging from Normal to Master, with greater difficulties unlocking as you finish the game’s tutorial and continue leveling. Naturally, higher difficulties mean greater rewards for the player taking on more challenging content.

But why stop with just that? There are also regional enhancements to deal with (absent in Normal difficulty, optional in Hard difficulty, and mandatory in Expert or Master difficulty) which rotate on a weekly basis, as well as craftable specific world enhancements that give you another layer of additional challenge to deal with. So every additional barrier asks you for that much more damage and survivability, but it also rewards you with that much more stuff for successful completion. There’s even a video on the dynamic available just below.


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While in my mind this game does NOT qualify as an MMO, due to its instanced nature and tiny party size. I do like the idea of difficulty settings and I wish MMOs would offer that for their overworlds. Just make things that I pull scale up. I can’t stomach ESO at all anymore due to how trivial it is.

Vanquesse V

now that you mention it, world tiers in ESO would be amazing

Ben Stone

I know some people hate scaled content but I love it. Sometimes I feel like a challenge, sometimes I just want to mindlessly faceroll stuff even if it means lower rewards.

What I don’t like though is when low tier stuff just stops becoming rewarding at all once you pass it, like how WoW mythic dungeons work right now. If I’m not doing 15s for my vault there’s no point. All time spent should be valuable in some way, but scale based on challenge.

Calien McCarthy

Thankfully this is changing soon, and mythic dungeons will start dropping valor points again, allowing you to upgrade gear you get from the runs. So even if all you clear is a +7 that week, you can upgrade the gear you get from the vault with valor to be just shy of mythic raid gear I think.

It’s not perfect, bit it helps