Magic: Legends explains how its ramping difficulty mechanics work

Leg ends

Do you want to make life harder for yourself inĀ Magic: Legends? There are good reasons to do so, as outlined in the game’s latest article explaining how the game’s difficulty and modifier systems will work. The difficulty system is the easiest to understand, ranging from Normal to Master, with greater difficulties unlocking as you finish the game’s tutorial and continue leveling. Naturally, higher difficulties mean greater rewards for the player taking on more challenging content.

But why stop with just that? There are also regional enhancements to deal with (absent in Normal difficulty, optional in Hard difficulty, and mandatory in Expert or Master difficulty) which rotate on a weekly basis, as well as craftable specific world enhancements that give you another layer of additional challenge to deal with. So every additional barrier asks you for that much more damage and survivability, but it also rewards you with that much more stuff for successful completion. There’s even a video on the dynamic available just below.

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