Neverwinter patches in balance tweaks and bug fixes as Vault of the Stars is live


Sometimes, even minor patches for Neverwinter have a clear and understandable throughline of what’s being changed. Other times, you wind up with the game’s most recent patch, which is a bit harder to ascertain. It’s definitely weakening some items, like reducing the power of the Bloodcrystal Raven Skull with a shorter shield time and lower health scaling or reducing the damage from the Mirage weapon set (which was apparently kind of overpowered as heck for Rogues). But it’s also weakening monsters, like taking Bile Spit away from toads and reducing major damage sources in the Infernal Citadel.

It also has some bug fixes and some quality of life adjustments, like ensuring that the new stats added in the combat update have the same kind of centered tooltips as other stats and making sure NPCs no longer get stuck during Point of Contention in Sharandar. So there’s a lot of stuff, but ultimately it might be easiest to just say… it’s a patch. It sure does have patch stuff in it. People seem happy about the fixes to the relic armor bug, so that’s good! And fixes to the Reforged pack, too.

Meanwhile, Vault of the Stars, the game’s new endgame dungeon, has opened as of today for Iron Tooth players.


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