DC Universe Online’s Community Style Initiative seeks to get player feedback on outfit styles to add to the game

So close, and yet...

When it comes to character cosmetics, getting the right look is arguably the most important in superhero MMOs, where a character’s entire identity is intrinsically tied to their appearance. While DC Universe Online certainly has plenty of outfit styles to choose from, there could always be more, and gauging just what new styles to add is what has prompted the devs to start the Community Style Initiative.

This new initiative asks fans to submit suggestions to a forum thread, which will then be collected and narrowed down to approximately ten selections based on popularity, feasibility, current dev plans, and DC approval. After that, polls will open to determine the winner, and the devs promise to showcase how the outfit is made along the way.

The post does warn that the creation of new styles does take “months and months” of work, so don’t expect these fan-favorite styles to be cranked out too swiftly. That said, the addition of the voted-on style will be in addition to other styles added to the game as part of regular events and episodes, and who can fault ultimately having more costume options?


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