Star Trek Online brings its House Reborn content to consoles

Still phasering along

It’s time to feel very Klingon about stuff on console editions of Star Trek Online. The game’s House Reborn update has just landed on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, meaning that console players get to experience the two new featured episode starring multiple familiar show actors like Mary Chieffo, Robert O’Reilly, and J. G. Hertzler. That’s in concert with the conclusion of the staring experience revamp for Klingon characters and the new Klingon Recruit campaign, giving additional bonuses for new characters leveling through the Klingon storylines.

Players can also take part in the game’s anniversary event with a special Alliance raider produced by Klingon and Romulan engineers, as well as unlocking the ability to fly any ship cross-faction with a KDF character at level 65. It’s a lot of stuff, in other words. PC players are no doubt familiar with all of these bells and whistles, but now it’s the console crowd’s time to shine.

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