The Elder Scrolls Online will be handing out unlimited respecs during a mini-event on Update 29’s launch


As players of Elder Scrolls Online now know, the Champion Points system is due for a wholesale overhaul with Update 29. In celebration of player characters effectively being reset, there’s going to be a Heroes Reforged mini-event that will just make it rain respecs.

This two week-long event will coincide with Update 29’s launch, meaning it will go live for PC players on Monday, March 8th, and for console players on Tuesday, March 16th. During the event, players will be able to enjoy unlimited free respecs from Rededication Shrines to reset attributes, skill points, and of course Champion Points. There are no limitations on how many times players can respec themselves during this event, so fans are urged to “reset, respec, and rebuild any and all of [their] characters as many times as [they] want for free.”

In addition to all of this respec madness going on, there’s a free Ambersheen Vale Fawn pet that players can collect for free from the Crown Store during the event as well. So even if all of these Champion Point things don’t affect your ESO character, hey, free animal friend.

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