Blade & Soul’s Unreal Engine upgrade lands in the west this summer after all – here are the teaser pics


It’s been a wild 24 hours for Blade & Soul’s fanbase: Shortly after news broke that NCsoft was sunsetting the game’s prototype Frontier World UE4 upgrade server in Korea – and everyone assumed that meant the upgrade was off – NCsoft confirmed that the upgrade was in fact coming to the live servers anyway. There’s even more news as of this morning: The company has dropped a bunch of new information and screenshots, along with the promise that it’s coming this very summer – even for western players.

“This summer, the MMORPG Blade & Soul will be upgraded to Unreal Engine 4 visuals. The change in the game engine will bring improved performance to Blade & Soul, reducing lag and loading times, and adding depth and clarity to in-game graphics. The Unreal Engine 4 update will apply to the live service of the game later this summer, and players will keep their progression once the update goes live.”

The press release includes a bit of a tease for upcoming content as well, including “a new character class, third specializations for existing classes, new dungeons, and new systems.”

Source: Press release

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Welp…I think I see what’s going on here. The UE4 Frontier was supposed to be a B&S live 2.0…

Not really an upgrade, but more of server where players would revisit the game most of it’s entirety from scratch. And one can see why this would of been a pain in the Lyn tail, as player toons entering this would have all their progress wiped. Thus likely, this becoming a hard sell hurdle in a documented declining interest of the game…and likely become a big money loser for NC.

And not really to be confused with B&S2 either, as that is entire different kettle of fish that is separate from this project as far as I am aware…

So it looks like we now no longer have to worry about replaying all our characters through. And instead, our world will be given a much needed reno job instead without affecting our toons’ progress. The best of both worlds. And everyone will be happy than said Lyn tails gliding through the majestic air. Hopefully. o.O

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Java Jawa

pretty — wish more games did this (upgrade the engine)

Dug From The Earth

the fact that they dont is an issue that needs to be improved on.

Too many games with engines that are 10 years (or more) old.

Its just lazy and shows a lack of commitment to their own game, and yet they still expect people to pay them money.

Im looking at you:

– Lord of the Rings Online
– DC Universe Online (you are on UE3, if B&S can do it, so can you)
– Star Trek Online

Those are all big brand titles that have no excuse no to upgrade if they still want people playing their games.


Agreed. Well, in theory, LOTRO and DCUO both kinda confirmed they’re doing it, though there is no timeframe yet, sadly.

Dug From The Earth

Thats kinda exciting news.

Got any links to that info? Ive followed both games off and on and never heard about that, I dont think MassivelyOP has reported on it either yet.


They did:

Lord of the Rings Online might be coming to console. One investor slide specifically references “planning visual and technical updates for LOTRO for PC and nextgen consoles to capitalize on Amazon’s highly publicized large investment (~$500m) in LOTR TV series.”

DCUO is seemingly being made ready for next-gen consoles too. EG7 mention its plan to “modernize visuals, upgrade key game systems and add brand new large content update to capitalize on the nextgen consoles growth cycle for significant growth opportunity.”

Dug From The Earth


Jeremy Barnes

I imagine it doesn’t happen because it’s very costly in time and money. I’m not a game developer, but I am a software developer and just upgrading things like .net can be an absolute nightmare.

I’d also imagine ‘selling’ it is difficult. You can’t ‘sell’ an engine upgrade so you’d be banking on increased subs/cash shop sales from players returning for the upgrade and I’d question how much graphical upgrades are something that would make a huge difference in retaining players.

I’m much more harsh on poor game engines such as Vindictus which is a game I liked, but the engine lag and poor performance on a machine that is way, way above their recommended specs is really annoying.