Check out this recreation of World of Warcraft’s Stormwind in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

The vista

The human capital of Stormwind in World of Warcraft has endured a great deal, from the loss of its king to the attack of Deathwing to a stealth assault by the Horde. But now it faces a new challenge… the challenge of shredding. Yes, the user going by the name of Scrombles/Skramblez has recreated the entryway of the human city in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, allowing players to finally live their fantasy of doing an epic kickflip off of the front gate.

Obviously, some of the geometry isn’t perfect, the statues look a bit weird, and the whole recreation is just of part of the city rather than the whole thing. On the other hand, it’s also Stormwind as a skate park. Check out the video just below, as players on PlayStation 4 can also choose to grind the rails in the entryway if they so choose. It looks pretty fun.

Source: YouTube via Icy Veins

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Looks good!

I’m assuming this means that the game has a skate park creator? If so, that’s great news, a skate park creator is definitely something that extended the life of Skate 3 for me, spent many hours creating parks in that game.

Sadly, the skate series kinda ruined tony hawks for me, the skating in the Skate series just feels so much more enjoyable and rewarding that going back to Tony Hawks Pro Skater feels like a massive step backwards.


That’s pretty awesome, sucks though that it’ll be another 6 months before it possibly comes on Steam. Not supporting Epic’s exclusivity BS.

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Gotta admit, that’s kinda cool.


Stormwind as a skate park, and honestly I am loving it. There’s ways of ‘faking’ geometry and shapes, so it is awesome to see how that was avoided in favor of working in practical elements no matter how off-course you went. It may not be 1:1 and as aesthetically pleasing, but… boy do I love the way the various parts connect and feed from one place to the next. Multiple routes to traverse elevations, rewarding jumps and gaps that encourage exploration…

I’d shred it. I’d shred it hard…

… If… If I could actually skateboard…

Makes me wanna see a ‘Tony Hawks; Limsa Lominskate’ level.

Danny Smith

so this is what its like when worlds collide

Bruno Brito

I guess i’m ready to go.