Crowfall posts development and launch roadmap, promotes Hunger Dome battle royale


As we covered in our extensive Crowfall interview back in February, this long-awaited PvP MMORPG is coming close to its launch date — but how close? And what needs to happen between now and then and beyond then?

While there’s still no date on the calendar, fans can satiate some of their curiosity with a broad roadmap that the team posted for Crowfall’s short-term, mid-term, and long-term development.

Right now, the team is mostly focused on optimization, getting the tournament arena up to scratch, increasing storage, and putting the final touches on the Shadow ruleset (among others). There are future plans for a skins system, work on the campaign, another class, more rulesets, more biomes, and a whole lot of expansion to the eternal kingdom system.

Have more questions? ArtCraft delivers more answers with the March developer Q&A:

The team also posted a teaser trailer for the Hunger Dome, a battle royale mode that’s making a comeback in testing:

Source: Crowfall, Twitch. Thanks Francis and Anon!

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Just when I thought we were done with the Battle Royales. Oh well, I’ll just mark them as the new FPS and Fighting game plan. You can always guarantee that you’ll get the majority of the community to play it for a bit because they want something fresh and new.


It’ll be released when it’s ready…

HEY! Check out our new old battle royale mode.


Do they actually have a launch date planned and stated or is it still just a bunch of “We’re almost ready for launch!” vaguery and non specific details?

Francis Baud

It’s going to be ready when it’s ready I guess, as Blizzard often said. What they’ve mentioned in a recent interview is that the launch is “very close”.



Dug From The Earth

Its odd that a game is this close to its launch and most people dont have much of a clue what the game is about, or how the gameplay is.

Thats kinda worrisome.

It certain doesnt seem to be anything like its original trailers shown back during its crowd funding campaign outside of it having PvP and being an mmo.

Ben Stone

Its tiered risk siege based WvWvW with decaying worlds (ie: seasons) as they indicated in the original Kickstarter. There’s a few extra bells and whistles but that is still the core game.

Dug From The Earth

all that states is that there is big pvp. Still leaves every other element of this game as a big unknown for many.

I think many will buy it and be disappointed that its not at all an mmorpg, despite loving pvp from games like Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer, etc.


I’m kinda happy to be going in blind to the game. Most of the people I know who’ve tested the hell out of it are bored of it or already over the game in general until they get optimization under control.

From what I’ve seen I’m not super interested. Their combat looks ancient with TTKs that are from the early 2000s. Spamming AOE’s for 10 minutes straight hoping it’ll overpower AOE heals for 10 minutes straight is just such a fucking snooze fest.

That said a campaign system that resets from a seasonal perspective is really interesting compared to the traditional 3 way, never ending trench warfare that we see in most PvP games.

Will it work out? Maybe. Maybe not. I’ve long since given up putting any kind of hope or emotional investment into PvP games as so many devs get them entirely wrong.

Francis Baud

From the original KS trailer:
– Time-limited campaigns: check
– Eternal Kingdoms: check
– Hunger that corrupts worlds: check
– Seasons: check
– 12 factions / 3 realms / GvG: check
– Archetypes: now 12 races / 11 classes
– Ground and wall destruction: now only wall destruction
– Action animation lock combat: now mostly split-body animations
– Attack telegraphed: removed
– Allies, enemies, alliances, betrayal, conquest: check
– Mix between a MMO and a strategy game: check
– Different map in every world: check
– Different rule sets: check
– Persistent character advancement: check

Kickstarter Donor

This is a very basic description of what is in the game and how it was implemented and how they presented it. The game is no where near their original game they were planning on designing. The biggest and most impactful change was the voxel system being nixed. That completely changed the whole dynamic of the game.

Hunger corrupts only in textures and some mob spawn changes. Does the Hunger attack towns and castles and lay siege to them? Didn’t think so.

Their action combat is probably the worst combat system I have played. It is by far one of the lowest skill. They nixed their combat from Hunger Dome and prior testing. It was a bad idea because combat is way worse now than it was back then even with the terrible character controller back in early Hunger Dome.

You can defend CF, but the game is nowhere near what it was proposed to be.

Francis Baud

Indeed it’s a basic description, I’ve just rewatched the KS presentation video and noted the elements they mentioned.

I wouldn’t say that voxels would have changed drastically how the game is played. Basically the biggest change I can think of is being able to siege “from below”, with a system of tunnels. But it doesn’t mean it would be more fun then crushing the walls with trebuchets. Tunnels also have a bunch of unwanted effects, like the camera being very close of the character because it’s blocked by the ground. Also having invaders always being able to enter a fortress without noticing them may be detrimental to gameplay.

Pretty sure they haven’t talked about the Hunger “sieging” towns and castles.

Animation lock was a feature that many players complained about, and generally the change to split-body animation was well received by the community. But combat still needs a lot of work, I agree with you.

Do you have examples (beside Voxels and animation lock combat) of elements from the original “vision” pitched during the Kickstarter that would be different than the features we have in-game now?