Crowfall posts development and launch roadmap, promotes Hunger Dome battle royale


As we covered in our extensive Crowfall interview back in February, this long-awaited PvP MMORPG is coming close to its launch date — but how close? And what needs to happen between now and then and beyond then?

While there’s still no date on the calendar, fans can satiate some of their curiosity with a broad roadmap that the team posted for Crowfall’s short-term, mid-term, and long-term development.

Right now, the team is mostly focused on optimization, getting the tournament arena up to scratch, increasing storage, and putting the final touches on the Shadow ruleset (among others). There are future plans for a skins system, work on the campaign, another class, more rulesets, more biomes, and a whole lot of expansion to the eternal kingdom system.

Have more questions? ArtCraft delivers more answers with the March developer Q&A:

The team also posted a teaser trailer for the Hunger Dome, a battle royale mode that’s making a comeback in testing:

Source: Crowfall, Twitch. Thanks Francis and Anon!
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