Elite Dangerous sets Odyssey PC alpha for March 29, drops brand-new mission video


One of the MMOs that seems to have emerged from 2020 in a better place than when it went in is Elite Dangerous, which means the launch of Odyssey is only going to lift it higher – no matter how many times it’s been delayed. The good news today is that it isn’t being delayed again, and in fact, Frontier is announcing the start of alpha for PC players at the end of this month.

“Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today announced that the PC Alpha for the highly anticipated Elite Dangerous: Odyssey game expansion will start on March 29. […] The Elite Dangerous galaxy’s rich setting and open-ended design reaches a new level of depth thanks to Odyssey’s feet-on-the-ground gameplay. Introducing the detailed scale that is needed for on-foot gameplay while maintaining the vast distances measured in light years and the myriad missions available to players, Odyssey will greatly augment the already rich world of Elite Dangerous, offering a more personal experience for all Commanders to enjoy in their own way, in addition to the vast galaxy they can already explore.”

The game is still slated for “late spring” for PC and fall for console, though preorders are already open if you really need your alpha fix sooner rather than later. In the meantime, Frontier has dropped a new video demoing a mission from the expansion, which you can view down below.

Source: Press release

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Whew….that’s a fair distance from “release”. I’d assumed we were nearly to the point of beta.


Beta? The pathetically simplistic content of that trailer video shows Odyssey is a million miles from beta. Unless Frontier are seriously thinking of shipping gameplay that would be shameful even in in a $10 amateur FPS of 20 years ago.

Frontier has never done an FPS before and this trailer shows it. They need to hire some devs with serious FPS experience real quick else Odyssey will launch as flop just like their previous two ED expansions Horizons and Arena.

Dug From The Earth

Elites devs are continually putting Star Citizens to shame.