Minimalist multi-user roguelike Apsis Online plans a Steam release this quarter


It’s been a while since we brought up Apsis Online. This ASCII-styled title was first showcased in January 2019, calling itself a “minimalist MMO” before coming up again in November 2020 as a new style of game — the “multi-user roguelike” or “MUR.”

At that time we noted that the game had entered crowdfunding on Indiegogo, which sought $600 but failed to draw in any backers. Now it’s back on our news desk due to the fact that the MUR has now opened its own Steam page, announcing plans to release at some point in the first quarter of 2021.

Apsis Online casts players as a human mentally and physically augmented for the rigors of space. Gameplay features a series of multiplayer and single-player “sequences” as players try to carve out a place for humanity in the dark sci-fi world of its fiction, and touts survival, resource harvesting, outpost building, and the ability for players to form groups.

source: Steam

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Vanquesse V

Most people interested in roguelikes probably know of ToME 4, but ToME 2 had a multiplayer spinoff called ToMEnet that I spent way too much time on, complete with guilds, housing and global chat. It also had unique items that were exactly that, in that only one copy could exist at a time.
Either way, this brought back some good memories, so I’ll keep an eye out for Apsis

Vanquesse V

It’s more of a procedurally generated D&D single player game using a very similar tileset to that seen in ToME4 (which imho is the best tileset of any roguelike). But disregarding that, it seems pretty cool and is on sale atm.