SEED talks about its latest playtest and how testing is utilized in a video


Klang Games, the developers of colonization MMO SEED, has once again put together a new dev vlog that takes a moment to discuss testing, including the game’s latest playtest and what the devs use testing for.

The last test, known as Pioneers Phase 1, brought together a variety of gameplay mechanics for the first time including resource gathering, crafting, and combat. This also allowed the devs to take a look at how players traverse the map either on foot or in a vehicle, while the crafting system introduced ways for characters to use multiple machines in a factory setting. As for combat, that introduced new enemies, new types of guns, and new spawner mechanics.

The rest of the video discusses the team’s methodology for running tests, which is primarily prioritized based on the kinds of questions the devs want answered by players like whether players can understand crafting or identify different creatures at all zoom levels. The full video is embedded below.

source: YouTube

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