The Daily Grind: Would you play an MMO on console with crossplay?

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I like Star Trek Online. It’d probably be a pretty fun game to play on consoles during idle downtime, but there’s a problem with that: I don’t like it so much that I want to start up totally from scratch just to occasionally play on the PS4 instead of on my PC. I also like Final Fantasy XIV, and if I want to play that on my console, I really just need to load it up and then I’m good to go.

To some extent, I’m sure that this has less to do with a deep and abiding desire to lock off crossplay and more to do with technical limitations and/or licensing agreements. But for the moment, let’s put that to one side and just think about the logistics of it. Would you play an MMO on console with crossplay? Would it be appealing to you, or would it not really affect your play patterns?

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Malcolm Swoboda

I just want easy controller options.

Robert Mann

I tend to want more complexity back in doing things, so consoles would be a poor choice in that regard. While most MMOs are aiming at that… it doesn’t mean it inspires me (if anything, it just enhances the ‘single player games are doing single player better anyway’ side of things).

Meanwhile, I’d have to shell out for a console that I don’t see a reason to get otherwise. I have nothing against consoles in general (except that they use shady tactics to reduce upfront cost and end up costing a lot more than expected in the long run, leaving people in many cases relatively scammed about the actual amount they spent enriching the console maker and thinking they got some great deal on the hardware due to the upfront costs alone). I just… don’t see it as likely to be something that works well with many of the elements I want to see in an MMO at this point.

I do think that, if everything worked out and I had a console alongside an MMO I wanted to play in all those regards (including controls and all), that I would just not really care much. Basically, the reason I would use the console at that point was if it was already on and my computer was not for some reason. Assuming that the console version was somehow kept up to date. I’ve had a console with a PC before, and it largely collected dust since the PC just had more options and cheaper games for equivalent game age.


No – consoles are just low end PCs with poor controls so why would I want to?


Kickstarter Donor

I do that already with FFXIV. I don’t really have a “gaming” PC anymore, just a mediocre laptop for work. So when I’m home I play on my PS4 Pro, sitting on my couch. And when I’m out on work travel, I play on my laptop, which runs the game, mostly.


I have been hoping for Xbox/PC crossplay for Elite Dangerous since it first dropped on the console. I play using an Xbox pad on both platforms, so, other than the awesome Tobii head tracking support and VR on PC, it’s the same game.

If I could continue playing my Xbox save on my PC (most progress), and have the progress seamlessly saved between the two, it’d be awesome.

Come on FDEV, surprise us with this when Odyssey drops on the consoles!!

Kickstarter Donor

Doesn’t bother me one way or the other what platform people are playing on, the more people the merrier, everyone together playing in the same game is fine :)

Dug From The Earth

My issue with consoles is that initial lack of keyboard and mouse. Which often limits the amount of skills you can have bound (easily), as well as decent text chat.

In addition, most consoles are usually only on par with PC hardware for the first year or so of release. After which, most games are seriously downscaled in order to run well on consoles vs pc.

FF14 on my PC looks and runs amazing on my PC. FF14 on the PS4 looks average, and runs average. Just as an example.

So if given the choice, no, id just keep playing on PC.

For those who dont have a PC, having the option to play on console IS a good thing though.


Yes, of course. I played few MMORPGs on consoles and I wish more games would support this platform. As long as the console version supports mouse and keyboard and as long as the game is properly optimized for consoles – there aren’t any major disadvantages of doing this and there is one huge benefit of playing them on console. The benefit of not having to deal with Windows patches or drivers for your video card or drivers for your network card or anything like that, and not only for specific game but for all games on consoles. I am telling this as a PC user, who sometimes get lucky with bugs existing in each video driver release not affecting my particular game or card, and who sometimes gets very unlucky and has to roll back drivers to more stable release, and I am not alone:

I also currently use motherboard which unfortunately uses Realtek network controller which has known issues with network stability and which Realtek hasn’t completely fixed yet. I also use AMD CPU on specific chipset with known issues which AMD has not resolved yet:

An Update on USB connectivity with 500 Series Chipset Motherboards from Amd

None of those issues exist on any consoles, especially issues with GPU drivers where each new driver release fixes some bugs while also adding new bugs. And I honestly would rather sacrifice some graphical fidelity for more stable platform overall.

So yea, I would definitely play an mmo on consoles with crossplay and I wish more mmo developers would make their games available on consoles even if this would sacrifice some graphical fidelity. I would gladly trade my current PC which has AMD 5800x CPU and Nvidia’s 3070 GPU for PS5 or latest Xbox if those consoles had all the games I am interested in playing.


I have. PS4 FFXIV and PC was a really nice experience. I wish ESO had the same features, as well as TERA and whatever else is out there.


For the price of a latest gen console i could build a gaming PC with better performance, consoles are aimed at people that don’t want to bother with upgrades or anything like that, other than exclusive games i may really like there’s no reason for me to buy one.

But i would still be 100% for more crossplay, as long as PC gameplay is not downgraded for console players i’m fine with it.