Conan Exiles’ next patch will add a host of PC version features to consoles by the end of March


The next update for Conan Exiles is very soon, along with another step closer to parity between PC updates and consoles, according to an update from the devs posted to the forums.

The post starts off by apologizing to console players for the gap in communication about the next patch as the devs have been focused on correcting Xbox console issues. It then confirms that the newest update is bringing a wide variety of PC version features to console players like sprint attacks, overhauls to systems like crafting, stamina, shields, temperature, and healing, character re-customization, and an upgrade to the building system, along with several console-specific improvements.

Patch timing currently sees the next PC patch arriving in a couple of weeks, while console players should see a patch by the end of this month. Furthermore, console players should be getting news about the Isle of Siptah in the coming weeks.

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