Final Fantasy XIV brings around another iteration of the Moogle Treasure Trove


Need a little extra incentive to take on old content in Final Fantasy XIV? You’ll get exactly that with the newest incarnation of the game’s Moogle Treasure Trove event, with various older duties awarding players with Irregular Tomestones of Esoterics which can subsequently be exchanged for a variety of prizes. Players can earn tomestones from the Ivalice raid series, the first phase of the Alexander raids, PvP matches, and several dungeons including both of the MSQ roulette entries.

Of course, no tomestones are earned for unsynced runs, so players will have to be ready to take part in the actual content for the rewards. And there are quite a large number of rewards, ranging from directly buying mounts like the Magitek Predator or the Tyrannosaurus mount to Orchestrion rolls and minions. So if you need a little extra motivation to take part in older content that might otherwise be annoying… well, here’s your incentive, starting on March 15th until the launch of patch 5.5.


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Aww, time for me to not feel special about getting lucky with the Eureka mount anymore.

Seriously though, looking forward to getting some decent chunks of experience from running Praetorium and catching up on some shows during the cutscenes.