World of Warcraft posts full notes for tomorrow’s Patch 9.0.5


Like a murloc bum-rushing the unwary adventurer, World of Warcraft’s Patch 9.0.5 is sprinting toward the live servers. Tomorrow’s update is a mid-range patch, but even so, it’s throwing a whole lot of changes and quality-of-life improvements into the mix.

That’s why it’s helpful to read the full patch notes, which Blizzard thoughtfully posted this past weekend. I mean, when your patch notes have a table of contents, there are probably going to be more than a few things of interest to you. Some of the items also come with commentary from the developers to explain their reasoning behind the changes.

“The 9.0.5 update is focused on improving systems, rewards, covenant and legendary tuning, and bug fixes,” the studio explained. “Valor points are now earnable in mythic keystone dungeons, and valor can be used to upgrade new mythic keystone gear rewards. Changes to covenants and legendaries are intended to provide more gameplay options for crafting and utilizing Legendary items in specific situations, and to make sure that more players feel that the covenant that suits their aesthetic, narrative, or other preferences for their character also feels more viable for their preferred playstyle.”


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Weak Mist Weaver changes


“It’s awfully quiet here, Uta…”

…probably because the words, “Valor points”, “keystone” and “mythic” are likely lost on a lot of folks here. I know they are for me in the anecdote, and I play the game all the time. And something and something about how out of touch the devs are with WoW community, save for those who are into this stuff. /le sigh

Lucky Jinx

It certainly is quiet. For a dirty casual there’s just not a whole lot to cause ruckus over this patch. I am in the process of leveling my elemental shaman, and they are getting many buffs, so I guess I’m sort of happy. I’ve gone back to mount hunting since there’s not a whole lot that interests me. Sometimes I wonder why I keep paying the sub, so I guess somewhere deep down inside, I still feel like I get that odd hour or two of entertainment out of it per day. :)


There will come a time when you realize that the only reason you keep playing is because of the time and money invested in playing the game. I walked away a couple months ago and won’t come back until they make things interesting for everyone and not just mythic dungeons players (I was Ilvl 200 when I stopped, so yes I do mythic dungeons, but hate the elitism and difficulty in finding groups).


So 9.0.5 drops 3/9/21. I can’t envision any scenario in which 9.1 drops in April. May seems like it would be a stretch with the amount of times Blizzard talked about stuff being in early stages during Blizzcon. So potentially late May/early Summer 9.1?

It’s wild they still can’t figure out content cadence 17 years later.