Allods Online plans for Desert Dreams update launch and server merge on March 11

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A bit of good news, bad news for Allods Online players. The good news is that the upcoming Desert Dreams update will be arriving soon on Thursday, March 11th. The bad news is that there will also be a server merge going down as well. Though that might also be considered good news if you’re looking forward to having more people in a single server.

The population of the New Dawn server will be merged into the Evolution server to fill up that world specifically. As always, this does come with a few caveats including parking spaces in the Astral Academies being released, ships, guilds, and character name conflicts being resolved in a variety of ways, and two sets of souls being added in the auctions after the merge. Those who want to know more will do well to read up the announcement.


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Lethia Myune

The merge was known from the beginning, that’s apparently a practice to ease new players into the intricate world of the game on an even leveling field without the cash shop people/necessities completely ruining their experience. Then…throw them in the lion’s mouth lol. Even the shop items were limited here for some reason.

I have a close to cap character on f2p with some cash shop stuff i got for free in events and i must say that there is quite a surprising amount of people in the leveling zones. Alts or whatever but i don’t really feel alone. But as the server balance tips heavily towards one of the factions, i only met ppl from the opposing faction tbh… i’m sure people wanting to level more chill enjoyed that more on the new server.

I’m playing on the p2p though nowadays and here we’re just the same 10 ppl online doing stuff…a little happy family haha.

Bruno Brito

Honestly, this entire game and company is a bundle of bad news.

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I used to love Allods back in the day, but then I took a break for a while, and when I came back some behind-the-scenes company business had torpedoed my account. I do periodically try to get back into it, but I find that it’s quite an ambitious game and presents a somewhat daunting prospect in terms of starting over, when I have so many memories of having gone so far with it. Same with Runes of Magic — admin business mangled my account and now I can’t face levelling again.

Marko Zivkovic

Wait, they are already merging the new server that came like a month ago? lol