Atlas Q&A acknowledges problems with Alliances, island assaults, and experience


Depending on your perspective, the latest community Q&A forĀ Atlas will be either positive or frustrating. For example, if you’re hoping to hear some acknowledgement of the problems the game has with experience, you’ll probably be happy that this set of answers explicitly acknowledges that solo players or those in small companies are locked in a much slower experience cycle than players in large companies who can form what amount to massive roving kill squads to grind up quickly. It also promises that changes are coming to address this. But if you were hoping for any details about what those changes will be, well… that’s when you’ll be frustrated.

The same is also true of the game’s island defenses (which currently make it too easy to defend an entire island with a minimal or nonexistent navy) and the Alliances (which acknowledges that one monolithic organization is detrimental to the game). Details are in somewhat short supply, with the only major patch change being outlined being a new tower players can build on lawless islands to claim large stretches of territory when it finishes construction. Still, if you just want the issues acknowledged in the first place, you’ll likely find the Q&A positive.

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