Back under Naddic’s direction, Closers adds new dungeon and raid to defeat the Ocean King


So, how’s Closers doing since transferring back from Krafton and En Masse to its original developer Naddic last fall? Not too shabbily: Naddic has rolled out multiple events and patches in 2021, including a newbie event and the merging of the Thai server into the global set.

Most recently, Naddic has announced a new content dungeon for high-level toons focusing on the Ocean King Asmodeus, along with the Audience With Asmodeus raid that’ll send 12 players in togetehr to defeat Asmodeus herself.

Plus, these are the new bosses. Tag yourself – I’m 3rd Officer PLOP.

Expect it all tomorrow, March 10th.


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James Mock

I am 4th officer Flop.