The Realm Online prepares to launch ‘radical, disruptive’ seasonal server


If you haven’t stepped back in time and visited The Realm Online lately, you might want to see what fascinating things this rebooted 2-D MMORPG is doing.

Specifically, the dev team is testing a “radically new ruleset” called Elphame’s Arena. This seasonal server, which is currently in beta, is a way to introduce “new disruptive mechanics” without disrupting the ongoing live game. It’ll be a smaller world in which players will come in fresh and have to fight their way up through a more challenging environment.

And of course, PvP is on all of the time. Need you ask?

“Elphame’s Arena is a canvas for us to collaboratively paint together,” the team said. The server should be going live early this year with a one-to-three month run.

In other Realm news, the team recently changed the animation speed out of combat now that it has “plugged the hole” that allowed cheaters to artificially speed up actions and combat.


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