Warframe preps a huge overhaul to the Railjack experience


The four-player Railjack spacecraft offer an exciting angle of play in Warframe, offering ship-to-ship combat and boarding scenarios. However, building a Railjack is a rather daunting prospect and its play has proved controversial, which is why Digital Extremes is taking a second look at how it handles this vehicle.

Update 29.10, which is on its way for PC, will be making comprehensive changes to the acquisition and operation of the spaceship. The studio said that the “flow” of the Railjack experience was disruptive to the rest of Warframe’s gameplay, so it went back to the drawing board to see what it could do to improve it.

From making the Railjack easier to construct to scrapping avionics in favor of mods to revamped intrinsics, the way players will interface and customize the ship is about to change (and hopefully for the better).

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I’m relatively new to Warframe. Queued into a Railjack. Pew pew’ed on the turret. Captain screams at me for wasting all of his resources and tanking the run.
I apologize profusely as the Mission Failed screen shows up.

These changes are likely very welcome, at least for the broader population interested in joining railjack missions.

Vanquesse V

Railjack is extremely new-player hostile. It’s a game of spinning plates:
you are 4 people but there are almost always at least 5 things that needs doing and the interface is too obtuse for its own good.
Ironically piloting is the most new-player friendly role, but social contract stipulates that piloting is done by the owner, and if you’ve grinded out your own railjack, you are not a new player.
I think (and hope) that easier access to the ship, and being able to use AI crewmates will make it a lot easier to get into.


They’re also removing Flux (Railjack Mana.) Instead, using the ship’s battle powers will draw from whatever your current Warframe uses. (They’ve already said that Hildryn and Lavos will use their own shields or cooldowns systems.) I think for most average players this is probably a buff.

Maybe even a little too much of one – on my Railjack I have just under 700 energy. Which means I can fling six of the black holes or Seeker Missile swarms before I have to stop flying, run back to the forge and build another 600 energy. I think my Warframe with the lowest energy pool still has about 200 Energy (at least two shots) and I could just throw down a pair of the best energy refill consumables and fire off at least two shots every ten seconds or so.

I’m curious to see how Command turns out. Having NPC crew could be helpful to solo… except that NPC pathfinding is dire, their AI is pretty stupid in general, and the way NPC health scales compared to damage it’s likely that they aren’t actually going to be good for fighting enemy boarding parties as anything except a distraction. (Right now ranged weapons are mostly pretty close to useless against Veil Proxima level enemies because they have crazy amounts of HP and damage resistance. Most ranged weapons at that level are just for spreading around status procs so that the melee mod “Condition Overload” can feed off of them for Absurd Damage.)

I kind of wonder if drastically shrinking the Railjack interior isn’t actually a result of adding NPC crew, and they *had* to make the ship smaller so that NPC crew could navigate the ship without getting stuck constantly.


I do like that they made a video overview of the changes, it does feel like DE is trying to communicate better in recent times

Dug From The Earth

I remember when railjack was first announced. I was so hyped. The vision for this game is like my sci-fi pipe dream for what a sci-fi game should be.

Then, when it was finally released, I remember how restrictive it was even getting a ship. Ridiculous amounts of complexity involving how the entire thing worked. So I just sort stopped caring, and playing… and while Ill still jump in to run a couple missions every so often, I still have never done any railjack stuff.

Maybe with this update, ill have to put some effort into giving it a shot again.

Vanquesse V

It was incredibly flawed, and that grind was horribly overtuned, but when everything goes right in a railjack mission it is an experience like no other. I really hope that the system will be much more accessable with a lot less rough edges once the update goes live. That we get more of those magical moments and less frustrations