Animal Crossing New Horizons latest transmedia synergy effort is with Build-A-Bear


Animal Crossing New Horizons has been king of the crossovers for a while now, with partnerships with everything from fast-fashion makeup brands to an IKEA catalogue spread. Now, apparently Nintendo is transmedia synergying it up with… Build-A-Bear. Bonus, this is the second article about bears we’ve gotten to do today, so thanks ACNH.

Build-A-Bear, for those who have no idea what’s happening here, is basically a custom stuffed animal company. You basically go in with your kids and let them customize every last dang detail of a plushie, and then you pay through the nose to bring it home, where it will be put in a bin and forgotten until a yard sale five years from now. So it’s like customizing an MMO character (for money in person during a pandemic). OK.

There isn’t a whole lot of info in the announcement of this crossover, just the insinuation that customers will be able to build some Animal Crossing-esque characters in the retail workshops. Expect it “coming soon.” As for whether or not we’ll see Build-A-Bear stuff in ACNH itself, we have no idea.

Source: Build-A-Bear via Polygon

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Idk how my stuffed bear islander is going to feel about this >.>

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George Wilson III

This could get expensive. LOL

Dankey Kang

Look forward to getting my Ankha “bear”