Century: Age of Ashes preps for its next March 12 closed beta and showcases gameplay in new trailer


Curious to ride on the back of a dragon and blow the smithereens out of others in aerial PvP dogfights? Then you’re going to want to get your toes into the upcoming closed beta test for Century: Age of Ashes, which is due to begin on Friday, March 12th, and run through Sunday, March 21st.

This round of beta testing will include more players and will also see all player progress — including experience, earned currency, and unlockables — carry onward to the game’s April early access release. The new beta also promises a host of updates such as improved controls, a free-flight mode, a rebalanced progression system, new matchmaking, and new game modes.

For those who perhaps missed out on Century’s last test, the announcement has also come along with a new trailer showcasing the game’s classes, game modes, and more. You can also get a look at our previous impressions.

source: press release

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Gameplay with the mounts that are available only to a select few…