Dauntless introduces private Hunting Grounds and addresses performance issues in latest patch


In terms of content, the most recent patch to Dauntless doesn’t add much, but what it does add is still pretty important on the performance and quality-of-life side.

The one major feature of the update is the addition of private Hunting Grounds, letting players run through the area solo or with a team of their choosing. The other is further improvements to player disconnections; the last patch that addressed the matter saw disconnects reduce by 75% and the devs at Phoenix Labs believe this update will “improve this number even further.”

Otherwise, the patch is mostly housekeeping focused, with adjustments to audio, some fixes for specific events involving certain legendary weapons, several UI tweaks, and a number of performance improvements like adjusted Escalations, platform-specific crash fixes, and reduced memory consumption across all platforms. A particular favorite update is related to Deepfrost Gnashers now being the same size as Flameborn Gnashers, noting, “Deepfrost Gnashers will no longer feel insecure.”


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