Final Fantasy XI rolls out new Voracious Resurgence content and a new Odyssey foe

This is not a doll.

The March version update has arrived for Final Fantasy XI, and that means players can face off against a new foe in Sheol: Gaol as part of the game’s Odyssey content. It’s a tough battle to enter, as you need to be in a party of players with non-overlapping jobs and everyone needs three jobs at level 99, but the rewards should match up to the entrance requirements. Take on the challenge and prove you’re worth a greater share of might!

Players will also be able to explore the newest installment of the game’s new ongoing Voracious Resurgence story as well as a new Ambuscade battle against a trio of leeches. As usual, you can get a rundown of the update in video format with the newest Vana’diel Digest, or you can peruse the patch notes if you’d prefer to get your information the old-fashioned (textual) way.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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