Vendetta Online enhances Mac support, unifies KoS timers, and preps for further graphical improvements


It’s been a little while since we last peeked in on the internet spaceship MMO Vendetta Online, so we suspect it’s about high time to catch up, particularly since the game has seen a pretty steady stream of updates since our last report.

Looking back over the past couple of months, we note the game has seen another update to temporary kill-on-sight (TempKoS) status, timers and escalations, which are now shared across all factional stations within UIT space; those outside of UIT space will still have TempKoS timers on a per-faction basis.

There’s also been a significant series of updates to the Mac version that include linking the game’s Vulkan renderer to Metal, adding support for both Intel/x86 CPUs and ARM-based processors, and enhancing the GL4 driver on newer M1 Macs.

Finally, there’s been an update to the Windows Vulkan driver, which will reportedly open the door to a number of new graphical enhancements. To that point, the devs stress that having a high-end PC won’t be a requirement to run Vendetta, just that the game is now ready for next-generation features that would otherwise not be supported.


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Though I haven’t played this game in years, I remain a fan and delighted to see that they’re still plugging along.

AFAIK they were one of, if not the first MMO to be playable in full on PC, Mac and Mobile. A true labor of love from a ‘garage’ studio. I remember flying my little Atlas with my partner in the rear turret giving Hell to the Rats. We never paid, and often got the better of our foes.

They were far ahead of their time, though stuck in the oldest EQ school of hard knocks and unrefined UI. I wish them well.