Vendetta Online enhances Mac support, unifies KoS timers, and preps for further graphical improvements


It’s been a little while since we last peeked in on the internet spaceship MMO Vendetta Online, so we suspect it’s about high time to catch up, particularly since the game has seen a pretty steady stream of updates since our last report.

Looking back over the past couple of months, we note the game has seen another update to temporary kill-on-sight (TempKoS) status, timers and escalations, which are now shared across all factional stations within UIT space; those outside of UIT space will still have TempKoS timers on a per-faction basis.

There’s also been a significant series of updates to the Mac version that include linking the game’s Vulkan renderer to Metal, adding support for both Intel/x86 CPUs and ARM-based processors, and enhancing the GL4 driver on newer M1 Macs.

Finally, there’s been an update to the Windows Vulkan driver, which will reportedly open the door to a number of new graphical enhancements. To that point, the devs stress that having a high-end PC won’t be a requirement to run Vendetta, just that the game is now ready for next-generation features that would otherwise not be supported.

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