Whatever happened to indie tabletop-inspired MMO World Seed?

Don't panic - this one's all good news for a change


Cast your mind back to the middle of 2020, when we first covered World Seed, a newly launched MMO crafted by solo Swedish developer Kim Korte under the Ape Egg banner. The game was notable for being one of the few titles to tinker with the classic tabletop motif for an MMO, with a “reshaping” changing and adding content to the board every hour.

World Seed continued receiving content updates over the last year, I’m relieved to note. In April, the game was blessed with new playable avatars, followed by the earth-themed Land Slide patch with a new seed world, dungeon, creatures, and quests in May. Sky Fall dropped in December, with a similar chunk of content and a new elemental lightning theme. In 2021 so far, the game has branched out to more browsers (this was a complaint in our comments last year, so this should make you guys happy) and mobile devices and added even more avatars a month ago.

The developer is quite active on the game’s Discord, where dozens of smaller patches have been posted; apparently, over 6500 people signed up for the game in its first year, prompting Korte to expand the size of the dev team, meaning it’s no longer a solo endeavor. (SteamDB shows a tiny population through the $6 Steam client, but since the game is free-to-play in-browser, so we’re presuming that most of the players connect that way.)

Is there an obscure or forgotten MMO you’ve been wondering about? Drop us a note and we’ll figure out whatever happened to it!

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