Black Desert just revealed the new Sage class on its afternoon stream

Not alone any more.
On its splashy reveal stream this afternoon, Pearl Abyss took the wraps off the latest playable class in Black Desert: The Sage. “Armed with the cube-shaped Kyve, an ancient, god-defying weapon, Sage can open rifts in space, calling on Ator’s Fist and a range of offensive spells to smite his foes,” the studio explains.

“He can control time to reduce the cooldown of specific skills, giving himself and his allies a strategic upper hand. Sage is also the only class that can access Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple without any entry items. Sage, an astrology researcher and denizen of an ancient civilization, was the first person to discover the Black Spirit as it hurtled through space toward the earth. Bent on protecting the world, Sage built Atoraxxion, an ancient weapon research facility, to prepare for the insurmountable threat. With 49 years until the comet carrying the Black Spirit crashed to earth, Sage sealed himself away to one day vanquish the evil force. Now, that day will soon arrive.”

Pearl Abyss says the class will drop for PC players on March 17th and console players March 31st.

Source: Press release, YouTube

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Kydygrade Gaia

Im waiting for him i cant sleep bcu i really want be first hes cool and handsome <3

Dankey Kang

Crush your foes, with the power of Squares!


I really like how they’re trying to shoe horn in some bullshit character/class history into the game when like virtually no one cares. How much silver/hr can it grind? Pretty much the only metric that matters.


Man, say what you will about BDO, but they know how to make some interesting and cool classes.


The power of geometry compels you!


Nevermind that…looks like you could have a real toga party with a bunch of those. o.O

Vanquesse V

only took them slightly more than 6 years, but we finally got a new caster. Very happy

Chris Johnson

..and it’s actually a MAN, instead of a teenage boy or yet another female only class!

Imagine that!

Vanquesse V

I mean, F gender and race locks but I guess there’s 2 male and 2 female casters now

John Mynard

Is Sorc really a caster though?

John Mynard

My Sorc doesn’t look Asian in the least.

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Darasimi Makinde

After years of watching this game from the sidelines, I think I’ve finally found a class that makes me want to jump in! It looks dope :D


I wish you luck.

Literally every time I watch a BDO promo I’m like “hm, maybe I should go back to it? Did it really suck so bad that I couldn’t just hold my nose at the parts I didn’t like? There are SO MANY things about BDO that are brilliant….?”

(an hour+ download later as my gigabytes of updates are completed)

(a half hour of logging in, seeing my toons’ swollen bags and bank, and the bewildering array of abilities and things prompts me to say ‘ok, maybe it’s better if I just create a new character and level up to re-learn how to play this)

(at least a half-hour of meticulous character design in maybe the best character creator engine ever …yet it somehow always seems to make toons that look vaguely Asian even if they don’t really?)

(a couple of hours committed to playing my way back into the game)

“Nope, yep, I still really dislike actually playing this game.” Set it aside again for the umpteenth time, but leave it on my hard drive just in case….

Jo Watt

But shouldn’t that be the nice thing for once about a game? You can get lost in doing pretty much whatever you want and not be hand held or tied to…

“I gotta do these 10 dailies and make sure I do my 50 weeklies plus spend 8 hours raiding just to make sure I keep up so I can have ‘fun’ in the game…”. VS… “Do whatever you feel like” sure BDO has some sort of meta for siege wars but I’ve played the game since making a Korean account before it even launched NA and never once participated in a siege. There are so many other things you can do or experience.