Blade and Soul 2 showcases a cooperative horde mode in latest game footage trailer


We already know that Blade and Soul 2 players are going to have to fight things, but not all threats roam the game’s world; some come from a fiery sky fissure. That’s the focus of the latest trailer from the game, which offers a in-engine animated look (according to the video’s auto-translated title) at this type of encounter.

According to reporting from MMO Culture, this trailer showcases one of the primary co-op activities in B&S2, with players being tasked to take down waves of enemies that are called down with a comet. Unlike the previous combat preview, this one doesn’t provide a lot of direct gameplay footage, so we’re not sure whether players will be able to crush a rock and turn into a dragon in the mode as demonstrated in the video.

As a refresher, Blade and Soul 2 is a parallel story with the original game that is due to arrive to PC and mobile sometime in 2021. Pre-registration for the game has already begun in its native South Korea, while firm details about its western arrival are still not clear. That all said, we do know players will clearly have to deal with comet-borne monsters at some point.

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