Fall Guys shows off one of the new maps arriving as part of its fourth season


The fourth season of Fall Guys is supposedly being announced on March 15th with a whole trailer for what to expect, but fans of the game can whet their appetites with the latest preview from the game’s official Twitter account. It’s showing off one of the seven new levels being added with the update, Skyline Stumble, complete with all of the gameplay you expect from Fall Guys: Adorable bean-men stumbling and sliding into one another as they desperately try not to fall into a featureless void while the game tries to push them in.

This particular map is a 60-player gauntlet featuring lowered gravity zones, force fields, flippers, buttons, and “Spicy Light Swingers” which look like exactly the sort of stage feature players will nickname as “those [CENSORED] flippy things that knock me off every [NAUGHTY WORD] time.” Check out the preview clip just below and get ready for the official date announcement in the near future.

Source: Twitter via VG24/7
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