Bless Unleashed’s spring update introduces auto-pathing and anniversary gifts


Hey, let’s talk about auto-pathing for a moment! This feature is quite prevalent in mobile MMORPGs, where the screen size and lack of mini-map make navigation more difficult, but it does creep into the occasional regular MMO from time to time. For instance, Bless Unleashed. For instance, this week.

Auto-pathing is just one of the several additions to the revamped fantasy MMO that it added with its spring update: “With this latest update players can explore new Episode quests, access auto pathing, unlock a new Ancient weapon, compete in fishing tournaments, race their way through timed challenge modes for dungeons, and last but not least, complete the Abyssal Dungeon, Rutus Mines — Depths of Corruption.”

Bless Unleashed is celebrating its one-year anniversary with gifts for players on all platforms. You’ll need to log in by the 14th to claim them, however.


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Bless Unleashed with gifts for players on all platforms. Wait even PC that is in what Alpha ? If so then that means the PC when it launch will not be wiped ? I find it highly strange.

I been thinking maybe it´s high time we demand Neowiz Games and Gamigo just to shut down I mean 1 company that fails to put out a game several times and keep saying we will fix things but then you hear players say nothing is fixed. Then we have a company that well kill off mmo´s left and right and then Arch age.