EVE Online introduces new landmarks, spaceship racing, and an Abyssal Proving Ground event


On your marks, get set, tap in the coordinates of a location into your nav computer, spool up the warp drives, and go! Admittedly, the way to call the start of a race in EVE Online might need a bit of work, but that’s just what’s happening with the Federation Grand Prix event.

The Federation Grand Prix adds daily seasonal challenges where players have to race to a number of landmarks within a time limit to earn rewards, or players can take on a Time Trials contest. There’s also been a number of new landmarks added to the game, some new daily login rewards, and a new Abyssal Proving Grounds event that features 1v1 Interceptor fights with 100% more ship velocity to keep with the racing theme. Races kick off in the Luminaire system between now and March 23rd, while the Abyssal Proving Grounds event runs between now and March 16th.

The event’s details are part of the latest EVE Pulse news bulletin video, which also up the fleet formations update, the Bastions of War update, the Mobile Cynosural Beacon, the addition of Expert Systems (despite player consternation), and a recounting of the player-run Frigate Free-For-All event. You can get your video serving of EVE updates in the embed below.


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Pheeb Hello

They need to give the game Valkyries combat and have VR support.