Some RuneScape accounts are still disabled as Jagex enters second week of server issues


RuneScape has not had the best run here in March.

Last week, Jagex was forced to pull down the MMORPG’s servers and roll them back several hours to correct multiple issues that extended through the weekend and across this week. At one point, the game’s website was even toast. While the studio promised that no accounts were at risk, it did push off planned content updates for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape through the login server troubles.

Monday’s update suggested that there were “data gaps” for around 1% accounts between February 8th and March 4th, meaning the company was going to need to merge various saves and telemetry data to repair the accounts. That’s meant some players are locked out of their accounts as that continues. By Wednesday, Jagex said there had been “good progress” on that process and that it would need to disable more accounts to fix them.

That brings us to the present. Overnight, the studio disabled those accounts as planned and promised more updates are coming. The saga continues.

Source: Twitter

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