Whatever happened to turn-based MMO Stash?


I really wanted this “Whatever Happened To” article to be a positive one, and in a way, part of it is: Frogdice’s MMO Stash is still alive, it’s still playable, and it’s still free. Gamers will recall that this indie turn-based MMO entered early access in 2016 and launched in 2018, featuring a cutesy tabletop aesthetic and features that some AAA titles still won’t touch, like housing.

Here’s the bad news: The Reddit has seen one new post in the last three years – from the developer – and the Discord is teeny tiny, with the last update from devs coming in March of last year, when there was a big reboot and experience event that coincided with a lot of other COVID-related gaming events. The company forums are likewise focused more on other games. It’s hard to know whether SteamCharts’ accounting is accurate, but it looks as if the Stash servers haven’t seen more than a few dozen peak players since its launch year, a figure backed up by multiple recent-ish Steam reviews.

FrogDice itself is still very much alive and working on other games; last spring, the studio posted that it had seen quite a spike in usage across its online titles and pledged itself to donating 300,000 game keys to students in its home state of Kentucky.

Our verdict: Since it’s free and the developer is upstanding and seems committed to keeping it online indefinitely regardless of its activity, there’s no harm in playing Stash – just don’t expect a hearty in-game community.

Is there an obscure or forgotten MMO you’ve been wondering about? Drop us a note and we’ll figure out whatever happened to it!

Source: Steam
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