WoW Classic ‘Fresh Crusade’ movement boasts 10,000 players and counting

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Leave it to the endlessly innovative and motivated MMO community to make their own fun when game developers won’t play ball. After Blizzard declined to announce fresh start servers for the upcoming Burning Crusade Classic, WoW Classic players decided to do it anyway after a fashion by organizing a widespread “Fresh Crusade” restart on a low-pop EU server.

Growing to over 10,000 players, the Fresh Crusade descended upon the Dragonfang server a week ago and caused “absolute chaos” according to Eurogamer. Players mobbed into the beginning zones and had to line up for quests, a similar situation to what happened when WoW Classic originally launched back in 2019. It’s since calmed down a bit, and the organizers have said that they are planning events and another mass re-roll invitation date.

The organizers kept the actual server choice secret until the last minute in order to keep players from trying to get a jump start on the initiative.

“I think everyone knew what we were in for,” said Fresh Crusade leader Caszhar. “The launch was different to the launch of Classic in 2019. Then there was layering, putting players into instances to reduce overflow, but here everyone was in one space. The experience was chaos but it was amazing, so many people in one place was phenomenal and though it took around three to four hours for people to spread out, everyone had a lot of fun. Many people claimed that this launch was bigger, more chaotic and enjoyable than the Classic launch due to its craziness.”

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