Albion Online players and devs are being menaced by one player using a ‘speed hacking’ technique


Nobody likes to see a hacker or cheater in their game, and the players of Albion Online have had it with these proverbial snakes on their proverbial plane, particularly one player who appears to be doing his best to make in-game life (and incidentally the developers’ lives) miserable.

An instance of one cheater’s behavior was shared on Reddit, which sees someone rapidly blink his way to keep in range of a fleeing player. This so-called “speed hacking” isn’t unique, as there have been several similar reports of this activity.

The reports have eventually drawn out a response from one of Albion’s CMs, who confirmed that this is literally the actions of one person:

“A lot of the current reports are triggered by one very dedicated and technically skilled cheater who keeps creating new accounts when he gets banned.

“When we saw an increased volume of hack reports appearing around two weeks ago, we immediately started working on improving our technical countermeasures. These are currently in internal testing and will be released to the live sever asap – we need to properly test them to make sure that they work as intended and do not accidentally ban players who don’t cheat.

“All hackers and their associated accounts get permanently banned on first offense.”

source: Reddit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) via

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It’s why I don’t understand further action isn’t taken against such players. At times, their exploits affect entire servers. I remember during my Shadowbane days there was this one ‘PK’ (player killer) guild called Lords of Death on the Death server. They used cheats, hacks, exploits, … to their advantage. They even had one of their members (I believe it was some d**k called Shoon) befriend a rival guild’s council member to the point where he obtained the login details of the rival council member. Once he had those, he logged in when few members were online and deleted all their assets. Months of work by dozens of players destroyed in minutes.

These were days where you didn’t have eleventythree silly guilds with only a handful of players in them, back in those days guilds were few, but had dozens to hundreds of active players. The entire guild left the server. Hundreds of active accounts gone. The server balance shifted and went from strategic deployment of groups and capturing and controlling key locations by 3 major alliances to 2-sided zeg fests which inevitably ends with one side getting the upper hand. Thus the server died out.

What’s worse even is that these lovely Lords of Death are still active, exploiting whatever game they touch, they now seem to have focused on Crowfall, created by some of the people who worked on Shadowbane. Why are they even allowed access to Crowfall? The devs know damn-well those players will stop at nothing to gain an advantage, yet they do nothing.
A clear sign not to touch that game..

Jim Bergevin Jr

Scumbags will scumbag.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

First came wooden walls; then came catapults
Then came stone walls; followed by trebuchets
Then came metal walls; followed by cannons
Now there are electronic walls; followed by hackers.

This is the story of mankind.


On the comment section of the reddit post, the guy has a point.
Once fixed, another will pop-up.
Never ending EVEN with anti-cheat in it for as long as there’s a demand for it.

Imagine Valorant enforcing their “anti-hackable anti-cheat” but its still vulnerable to D3D hacks.

Techno Spice

Fighting cheats/hacking is an effort in continual vigilence. It’s not something where you just don’t try because another one will pop up…

Bruno Brito

There is a similar hacker on GW2’s WvW. He speedhacks into keeps and kills people inside with trapper Thieves/Rangers.

On GW2 case, it took 6 months for his first ban, give or take. I’m highly sure he still hacks to this day.

Danny Smith

In every generation a new one is born…
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Java Jawa

Hahaha soo true, I can imagine some slob with no life doing this, his only outlet is other people’s misery.