Diablo III confirms the closing dates of Season 22 and prepares to preview Season 23


Have you had fun watching your shadow clone follow you around in Diablo III? Well you don’t have much time with it left as the devs have confirmed end dates for Season 22 in order for players to better prepare to say goodbye to their little shadow buddy.

Season 22 will officially end on Sunday, March 28th, in NA, EU, and Asia territories. On our half of the globe, that end comes specifically at 8:00 p.m. EDT. This will incidentally also end the Double Goblin event. After that, Blizzard will begin offering a preview of Season 23, with a start date to be announced soon.

For now, maybe enjoy these final moments with your shadow clone. Ruin enemy faces together. Share a snack. Feel a bit sad that the clone isn’t able to eat the snack. Ponder the point where you are the clone and the clone is you. Scream internally as you realize you’ve thought too much about it.


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Shadow clone was great, it was a fast way to level and fight tough mobs, i’m happy the season is ending soon, i was waiting for the next season and the big upgrade for the followers, i want to experiment with new builds.