Fractured sets next alpha for March 31, shows off new biomes and texturing


Fractured’s next alpha is finally on the way – though it’ll begin in early spring rather than late winter. “The exact launch date is the 31st of March,” Dynamite Studios’ Jacopo Gallelli quips on the stream. “We promised March, and March it is. The last day of March. Technically still March.”

Gallelli spends the rest of the preview video showing off new biome texturing and related algorithms that’ll hopefully add more diversity to the game’s maps, then he runs around on a horse to show off the new textures themselves, the new transitional areas between the biomes, and more of the unique areas (“alien spooky” is our new favorite). The grass in particular looks pretty dang nice. He also notes that more work on the water shaders is still due, while the next video will focus on PvP and politics.

MMO fans will recall that Fractured has been on our radar since 2017; it was one of the original SpatialOS MMO, with a focus on sandbox gameplay. It was funded through Kickstarter for $130,000 back in 2018.


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Chaos Engine

Played a few alpha events and while this game still seems at least half a decade away from a release, it really feels and looks good, with devs who have a strong and clear vision. I definitely have high hopes for this one.


I was like 100% sure this is in development for ages and it’s been only 3 years?! Damn. Thanks for remainder that this is still alive.