Mabinogi celebrates 13 years with combat challenges and lots of balloons


Few things set a festive atmosphere quite like a bunch of balloons, so it’s a good thing that Mabinogi has plenty of them to celebrate the game’s 13th anniversary. Balloons (likely) not only feature in the event’s decor but also in minigames where players can pop balloons as fast as possible for Anniversary Coins and Festia Instant Prize Tickets, or in a quest to help a balloon artist find materials to receive Instant Revive Balloons.

It’s not all colorful bags of buoyant hot air, though; there are combat challenges available as well, such as the Clobbermeister minigame where players have 20 seconds to whale on punching bags as hard as possible, and the Cave of Trails that challenges players to defeat monsters from cave to cave all the way to a mysterious new boss. For those who are eager to celebrate 13 years of Mabinogi, the game’s site has additional details.

source: press release

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It’s a good game. My account is long gone into the lost password void but it’s worth a shot to play. Takes a bit of getting used to but if you’re into it you’ll spend atleast 6ish months + playing it.


In the days of games getting sunsetted left or right, its nice to see a game that is still chugging along. Congrats Mabinogi!!!!!!! Hopefully you will have many more.


Its a huuuuuge money maker for nexon likely, which is sad because it’s a game full of gacha and pay to win shit maintained by their endless power creep.

Bruno Brito

I tried to get in this game…but it’s just so damn weird.