Niantic begins testing transparent Pokemon Go egg odds

Which, in turn, brings up the lootbox internet argument


Regular players of Pokemon Go know all about eggs; they’re kind of a crap shoot in terms of what could possibly hatch and the only way to really know what’s inside is to walk the predetermined length of kilometers. However, Niantic is tapping a few lucky players to test a new feature that offers a bit of insight on what could be waiting in an egg.

For those who have access to this new feature, they’ll be able to tap an Egg to see a list of possible Pokemon inside as well as their rarity level. This doesn’t offer any information about whether the Pokemon will be shiny or not, however, so there’s still a little more element of surprise waiting there.

The feature’s testing has once again raised up lootbox arguments, primarily spurred by a Kotaku article that calls them “fun presents,” owing to the fact that they can be earned for free and are unlocked via walking. Many players of POGO┬ádisagree judging by replies to the thread.

It’s unclear when this new “transparent eggbox” feature will go live, but it arrives as part of an already packed month of events for March, which will include themed events, weekly free bundles, Pokemon Spotlight hours, and Research Breakthrough encounters featuring Gible all month long among other things.

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