Vegetation is getting animated in Albion Online’s Call to Arms update


I am writing about wiggly plants in Albion Online. Primarily because the devs of the game have also written about wiggly plants. Among the other features that the Call to Arms update is bringing, there will soon be a new visual thing to look forward to: wiggly plants.

Specifically, flowers, grass, bushes, and trees for all five of the game’s biomes will now animate in an effort to improve immersion as well as provide visual support to what the game’s ambient audio is suggesting. The devs have taken great care to ensure that vegetation animations are less distracting when it comes to trees, as they take up more camera space; the devs reason that this will help keep the focus on the player character’s level, where the game’s action takes place. Huzzah for wiggly plants!


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It makes you realize how much hard work and effort goes into ‘tiny’ details like wiggly plants, and how much impact they have on your feelings of immersion and satisfaction in a game world. Bravo to the devs for this! I feel a reinstall coming on…

Daniel Haskell

I love updates like these! I hope the developers keep up the great work! <3