A modder earns $10,000 for finding a loading issue in Grand Theft Auto Online

Cash rules everything around me.

Normally modding video games, even ones that are all about earning fat stacks, will not produce fat stacks in real life. But a modder by the name t0st proved the exception to the rule with Grand Theft Auto Online by taking a peek at the game’s code and identifying an issue with the game’s loading times… one that, once fixed, will cut the game’s load times on PC by around 70%. And now he’s $10,000 richer for it, without even having to pull off an elaborate heist.

Rockstar’s payment to t0st is part of the game’s usual bug bounty program, which is usually meant to address bugs around security rather than performance. Still, the studio confirmed that the fix will work and it will be putting together an official patch to improve load times in the near future. Everybody wins here! Unless you don’t play GTA Online, we suppose; then you don’t win, but you don’t lose either.


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Bryan Correll

A company that actually shows appreciation for community efforts? Inconceivable!

Chris Wiltfong

Now I want rockstar to fix the freezing/crashing that happens on the xbox since this patch was implemented. Kudos to the dude that found this fix, no kudos to rockstar for goofing it up for xbox players.

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This is probably more than what the Rockstar team working on producing content for Red Dead Online gets payed in a year…

Dug From The Earth

Its a huge bug fix…. one that would have cost a developer to fix far more than 10,000, and one that will help the company earn a ton more money because of it.

But 10,000 is 10,000….. its like complaining about Bezos giving 10 billion to a charity, even though that is only like 0.013% of his annual salary.


The patch is now out.


This is great to see. Also a rather impressive find. 70% faster is nothing to sneeze at.

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Java Jawa