Albion Online details the changes coming to Hellgates with its patch tomorrow

Aw, hell.

Jumping into a demonic hellscape can be a fun time if you’re playing Albion Online, or at least a rewarding one. It’ll be even more true when tomorrow’s Call to Arms update revamps the game’s Hellgates, with a new dispatch from the development team specifying the changes coming to the content. Rather than opening Hellgates by killing specific demons, players will now open Hellgates via Hellgate maps, obtained via crafting or from random loot, with players having to quest to the appropriate locale in a group before opening the Hellgate and taking part in the new challenges therein.

And these are new challenges, with new map layouts, a new lava mechanic putting pressure on multiple teams exploring the same area, and new demons to fight. Successful completion earns plenty of rewards, so players will be encouraged to take on these difficult fights if they weren’t already encouraged by the variety of new art to be found within the Hellgates. Check out the full rundown in video format below, or read it in text format if that’s easier for you.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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