Animal Crossing New Horizons unveils more design space, an Island Tour Creator, and the return of Bunny Day


There’s a whole lot of new features coming to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island in the next few days according to a sizeable info post on the game’s website and a thread on Twitter.

First up, a free update on March 18th will add, among other things, some spring seasonal items and whoopee cushions for April Fool’s; new Custom Design Pro features like the ability to customize flags, umbrellas, and fans as well as 50 more Normal and Pro design slots; the ability to access Pro Design downloads from the in-game Nook Phone (instead of having to visit Able Sisters’ shop); a variety of Sanrio-themed goodies; and a free in-game cake decor item sent to your in-game mailbox to mark the title’s first anniversary.

On March 23rd, players will be able to show off their island with a new Island Tour Creator web app that lets players cobble together screenshots and video footage into posters and trailers. This feature will be available for a limited time for some reason, specifically until the end of this year.

Finally, everyone’s mildly creepy pal Zipper is coming back as Bunny Day is set to return on April 4th. Players will once again be able to collect a variety of eggs to craft DIY Bunny Day items and visit Nook’s Cranny every day between March 28th and April 4th to grab exclusive new Bunny Day items. Here’s hoping this year’s Bunny Day won’t result in an aggravating eggpocalypse.

3/17 Update: For those who thought about having Sanrio characters move to your island, know that it’s not possible, sorry!


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Matthäus Wey

It’s honestly devastating to see what Nitendo is doing with this game. There hasn’t been a significant update since the summer and it still only offers half the content that New Leaf had. And the lesson Nintendo most likely learned thanks to Covid is that it’s perfectly fine to release half the game.


It’s why I stopped playing this game… May last year, I think? It was clearly not a complete game, so I decided to wait until I felt it was at least close to being feature complete — and on par with New Leaf — before returning to it.

I still don’t feel like that, though, so for the time being I’ll keep waiting.

Incidentally, when the time to resume playing comes I might move the game and my save to the PC instead. Besides the higher resolution graphics, that would make it easier to mod the game, and modding at least allows me to change back some of the most annoying changes; for example, I can make gold tools unbreakable again.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

I remember hearing this complaint when the game first came out, but I’m still not following it, perhaps because I don’t time travel. While there are things I miss (gyroids, the cat family, Blanca, gyroids, Brewster, Dr. Shrunk, gyroids), we have much more customization without having to hack (which, imo, is why myself and many people are still playing), towns that are more open for visits, art that doesn’t require QR codes, less punishing mechanics (I’d say RIP to feng shui but that would be a lie), and casual friendly events (I loved the revamped Halloween and Christmas).

The slow drip has been fine for me since it keeps the game fresh and helps prevent me from ODing or trying to eeeeeverything so I can feel like I 100% the game and leave.

Also, keep in mind that New Leaf also had an update that added a lot of its content. I much prefer monthly updates than months/years with nothing, but that may be because the other AC (Asheron’s Call) spoiled me.

Matthäus Wey

I agree, but I’m afraid that’s also the problem with the game. They gave us more customization options, but sacrificed a lot of the depth and flavor that the game had before. All the things you mentioned + many more made the game what it is. What NH has become is more of a happy homedesigner successor than a full mainline game. And yes, while there were a lot of QoL improvements, there are at least as many poorly designed new systems that somewhat cancel out the things they improved.

The New Leaf update added extra things to the game, compared to New Horizon where updates mainly, and I feel like 90% of the time this is the case, just add old stuff back.