Co-op D&D action battler Dark Alliance announces a June 22 launch date

Hacky hacky slashy slashy.

The best way to experience a story set in the oldest role-playing game is through a hack-and-slash co-op battler, obviously. Yes, Dark Alliance is based on Dungeons & Dragons (the Forgotten Realms specifically), but as already mentioned it’s more of an action game than anything else, with players battling iconic monsters from the tabletop game in active combat as Drizzt Do’urden and his companions take on the challenges of Icewind Dale so that none of their more monstrous adversaries can take the Crystal Shard and use it as a weapon against their homes.

Of course, the best way to take on these challenges is with a party, which makes it a good thing that players can take on the game’s challenges in co-op instead of working alone. You can pre-order the game (which is developed by Wizards Studio and Tuque Games) for $40 in digital formats, with the physical edition costing $60 and the digital deluxe also costing $60 ahead of the title’s launch on June 22nd. Hey, sometimes you just want to smack a beholder right in the eye with an axe, we don’t judge.

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