EVE Online begins open beta testing of its browser-based EVE Anywhere client


If you’re eager to play EVE Online somewhere you probably shouldn’t be, you just want to keep appraised of goings on in New Eden, or you’re curious to try the game without a full install, then you might be interested in the browser-based cloud client of the game, which has expanded its testing to include a whole lot more players.

This browser client, known as EVE Anywhere, works on Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox with no downloading necessary, and supports 1080p resolution and 60 FPS. The client underwent early testing and showed a great deal of progress, so now it’s being expanded to every Omega-level Capsuleer at no additional cost and offered to newly arrived players when they sign up for the game in the US.

The announcement doesn’t give any timeline for how long this beta test will run, but players who are interested in joining in simply have to head to the game’s website, log in, and play EVE right from their (supported) browser.


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Pheeb Hello

Maybe I’ll be able to play again, their client hasn’t worked for me on multiple PCs for many years now.


How is this browser-based client implemented? Is it a WebAssembly or WebGL sort of thing, where the actual graphics rendering is done by your computer, or is it a Stadia-style “streaming” thing where the game runs entirely on their servers and you need to receive video from them every frame?

If it’s the former, then I will give it a try on Linux. If it’s the latter, then I probably won’t play it unless I someday move to a country with better internet.

Aaron Weddle

if this is successful i wonder if other games companies will do the same thing. tho honestly i think they are just using Geforce now for it as they are already on GFN. it also requires a 25Mbps connection to even make run. so i wasn’t able to try it


If this is successful, does it mean Black Desert will also have this feature in the future?
I mean, technically Pearl Abyss Owns this IP.

Vanquesse V

probably, but what can be considered “acceptable latency” in EVE is a much easier proposition to pull off than the same for BDO