MechWarrior Online introduces a weapons balance pass and new Trial ‘Mechs in today’s patch


It’s patch day for MechWarrior Online and that means patch notes! With today’s update, players of the online stompy robot battler can look forward to a host of balance tweaks to PPC weapon variants, Gauss Rifle variants, and MRM Missle Racks; an adjustment to the MASC that brings a temporary sprint speed boost instead of a global maneuverability boost; and a variety of new Trial ‘Mechs for all chassis classes.

There are a couple of features that had to be pushed back due to technical issues such as adjustments to match scoring in AMS and spawn point fixes for the Tourmaline map. The good news on those fronts (according to the post) is that match scoring will soon become better overall and developer Piranha Games has hired a new level editor who will be focusing on fixing spawn points and other map matters for all of MWO’s maps.

Finally, the post points out that there will be more communication, more events and sales, additional metrics gathering and player impressions gathering to determine which weapon updates should be worked on next, and further expansion of the game’s reach via localization efforts and players drawn in by updates to MechWarrior 5.

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