TERA Console teaser trailer showcases the arrival of the training ground in its next update


TERA Console players are soon going to get the opportunity to parse their DPS and tune their favorite class if a teaser trailer showcased on Twitter is any indication.

This new teaser for v91 comes to us via the results of a player poll that was attached to another teaser video last week, which incidentally offered a little glimpse at some story. The latest video offered only about 21 seconds of footage, but those few seconds had plenty to see including various classes going ham on a target and an Elin Valkyrie at one point.

PC players will be familiar with this training ground feature, which arrived with the Shore Hold update in January 2019. Console players, meanwhile, will have to wait on more details, which the tweet promises will be coming soon, as well as the update’s arrival on March 25th. Until then, please enjoy this footage of TERA classes whaling away on a giant lava crab.

source: Twitter (1, 2)

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Eric Gray Jr.

The lore for the valkyrie class was one of the only other things I paid attention to near the endgame point on the way to lvl 65. The main thing was the Amani lore. Elins, once again, will be the worst race choice for the given class due to the lack of meaningful racial passives that most minmax folks already know about.

“But I look cute in this dress tho,” I assume is what the majority that loves when Elins are milked yet again on another class thinks.

Oh well.. I’m done with this game.