The Daily Grind: Would you play a modern remake of Guild Wars 1?


Every couple of months, we’ll mention Classic Guild Wars in an article, and we’ll get deluged by fans of the 2005 MMO. There appears to be a strong sentiment out there, at least in our commenters, that the original Guild Wars was a great game, maybe even superior in many ways to Guild Wars 2.

Now, I don’t know whether it’s a mass of players big enough to justify doing anything with it, but I was a huge fan of Classic Guild Wars myself, so I get it. Not enough to make me wish Guild Wars 2 had never been born, of course; I love it also. But there are things about the classic game that I miss, like heroes, skill capping, and yes, even farming. There was something about the original game that hit the perfect balance of egalitarianism and optional extreme solo challenge in play, which I don’t really see in GW2. I’d love to see GW1 and its best ideas given an injection of life again.

Would you play a modern remake of Guild Wars 1? If not that, then what would you like to see ArenaNet do with the game?

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