Wakfu’s 1.71 update is live with the Xelor class revamp and more

TIme's spent.

Any kind of time-based class in an MMO can be complicated to get working just right, and it appears that Wakfu’s Xelor class has suffered from the sheer complexity involved in properly modeling chronomantic abilities. In a recent dev blog, the team explained class was too complicated to play properly and its spells were too linear, which is one of the issues today’s patch is intended to fix. So the revamp opts to change a large chunk of the class, starting by adding in a new resource, Wakfu Points, which convert back and forth from AP to allow players the option of saving up and spending a big burst of actions all at once.

Players can also look forward to more differentiation between the water, fire, and air spells in the class arsenal, as well as a large number of passives (20 in all) to provide interesting options in terms of specific gameplay. Plus, the update includes the new crafter directory feature and a new pet skin system. There’s a lot to be read about for this particular rework, so if you play a Xelor frequently it’s a good idea to make yourself as familiar with the new mechanics as you possibly can. It’s a pretty big revamp, but hey, it’s about time.

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