Ashes of Creation asks its players about guild hall features they want to see


Most of the time when a game developer or studio asks its players a question, it’s usually nothing more than a means to engage with its fanbase at a fun but shallow level or to drum up hype for a new release. A question being asked by fans of Ashes of Creation is a little more intriguing than that: “What guild hall features would you like to see?

The question is part of Intrepid Studios’ Guild Gathering posts, where the devs seek to gather feedback on everything guild-related. This question specifically looks for player insight into guild hall features, including what features players like from other games and what features felt like missed opportunities.

For those who have been following Ashes’ development, guilds have always been on the radar, with a variety of planned features for guilds large and small like the ability for large guilds to siege fortresses and smaller guilds to have access to more guild skills. Of course, there’s no timeline on whether more guild-focused features are due to arrive in Ashes of Creation — the game already had to push back its alpha one test for polishing reasons — but the fact that the devs have an entire list of questions regarding guilds is certainly food for thought.


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P Jones

How about they focus on dropping NDA and getting people into the game? As they say “Talk is cheap”!!!!


The only MMO that is “crowdfunded” that I actually believe in. They put AAA companies to shame.

Jeremy Barnes

They have to actually release this stuff to put anyone to shame. Promises and ideas don’t mean much. Many companies can talk about making a great game. Yet so many end up not living up to it when they actually try to do it.


You are right. But they actually show off ingame systems almost every week. Compare that to other crowdfunded MMOs that concist of a wall of text and some art posts.

The fact that Steven has put his own money in the project also proves that he believe in the project. No hit and run there.

He also dares communicate with his playerbase, he even joins streams where the streamers can interview him. Non scripted.

Matthew Yetter

Additionally, they did release the battle royale mode for a while, which they’ve used to polish combat and such in the MMO.

I agree with you — they are showing a level of transparency that puts other developers to shame. And that includes taking their lumps when they make a misstep.

Whether it will prove to be a game I want to play or not remains to be seen, but I definitely have a lot more faith in this studio than any of the other crowdfunded projects out there.